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Golden Palace Affiliates
- the best Affiliate Program

I'm not going to beat around the bush here and I'm certainly not going to waste my time (and yours) telling you about affiliate programs that just aren't any good. Of course, you're going to hear all kinds of opinions on this topic and that's because everyone wants to get their share of earnings.

I'm sure you're wondering what makes Golden Palace Affiliates the best affiliate program. I mean, there are so many of them, there's got to be something better, right? It doesn't take long to realize that if you keep climbing the ladder, eventually you'll get to the top and that's exactly where you'll Golden Palace Affiliates. Let me explain in more detail.

If you ever come across a program that offers affiliate payouts based on gross revenue, call me! In all my years of digging, I have never found a deal that comes even close. That's why I have undertaken the task of promoting the best affiliate program around - Golden Palace Affiliates. Sure, it's easy for me to push something that's making me money, but my point is: so can you! The difference between gross and net is as follows:

  • NET: overall revenue minus various unaccountable charges including advertising costs, credit card fees, charge-backs, among many others. Once deductions are made, the affiliate payout is based on a percentage of the resulting NET revenue.
  • GROSS: what the merchant makes before any deduction are made. Affiliates get a percentage of the gross revenue, which to some can be worth of up to 20%.

Excellent Conversion
The only way you'll make money as an affiliate is when the visitors you send convert to customers. An affiliate program can offer you even 50% of the NET revenue, but if their destinations don't convert your traffic, you won't see a penny. This is something you will never have to worry about as a Golden Palace Affiliates affiliate. The partner highly visibility brand casinos, which include Golden Palace, Grand Online, Flamingo Club, and 24kt Gold are known world-wide for their high conversions and their award-winning best new player sign-up bonuses. Join the best affiliate program and start making money today!

NO Loss Carry-Forwards
Once in a while you get someone that's very gifted or simply just lucky. Regardless of what our balance is in the previous month, you can count on starting the new month fresh. You will never be punished for losing the casino any money.

Real-time tracking That's just a bonus you get when you sign up with Golden Palace Affiliates. You can track your website's progress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having access to real-time tracking allows you to do more effective testing as to what kind of advertising works and make the appropriate changes to increase your earnings.