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Website Optimisation

There are a number of things that you can do to increase your search engine rankings and also your traffic. Website optimization has been explored for a few years now by many webmasters, and all came to the same conclusions of what works in the search engine world. Although they may be different in terms of how they rank your site, most search engines agree on how a website should be build and what things it should include. So really, website optimisation is all about making it search engine friendly.

Of course, Google providing around 80% of all search engine traffic, it is particularly for your site to be Google-friendly. A good idea is to read Google's dedicated section for webmasters ( to get a better idea of what an acceptable website consists of as well as other information on PageRank, inclusion among others. Because the guidelines provided in this section are also employed by other search engines, getting your site into Google makes it more likely to be indexed by the other engines as well.

For more information on website optimisation, visit some of the links below. You'll learn what factors to keep in mind when designing a website, practices to stay away from and how to go about getting your website indexed.

For more information, visit the following online resources: